Building integrated Photo Voltaic Panels

ThyssenKrupp Solartec building integrated PV Panels offer many advantages to standard mounted solar panels.


Ž The roof sheeting itself is the solar panel. No extra weight on the roof.

Ž The panel can be walked on, has no glass and will not be damaged by hail.

Ž The sheeting is available without solar laminate for a uniform look of the whole  roof.

Ž Sheeting has a thickness of 0.75 mm compared to 0.41 of local roofing.

Ž The sheeting is available as sandwich panel with R 5 PU foam insulation integrated.

Ž Sheeting can be used for roofs as well as wall cladding


These Panels are delivered pre cut for the job including all flushing, fittings and all electric connections and hardware to connect to the grid.



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