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                    SUSTAINABLE BUILDING 

To minimize  energy used  in our day to day work  we work from home connected through the  internet with partners and clients all over the world in an “virtual” office.

We do not need to commute and do not have to maintain expensive offices.

For any  given project we can engage or consult as many independent partners as necessary but do not need to take on unsustainable projects in order to keep a big business machine afloat.

We will always have to deal wit compromises in our

life but our setup lets us choose to take on projects where we know we can make a difference.


Our South Australian SBR Team:

Bernward bücheler



Customer relations

& Facilitator


Ph.: 0417445073





Heritage and Experience

We draw on a long and rich experience of ‘hands on’ building with many different materials. Our fist real job 35 Years ago was fitting wooden Tilt Turn Windows into new and restored buildings.

Apart from the local traditions and styles we inherited we worked/travelled widely in Europe and North Africa  & Asia before settling in Australia.

Restoring and exploring traditional buildings  we acquired an extensive knowledge of many materials and building components. Analysing and repairing the results of alterations & ”improvements” to traditional structures allowed us  an invaluable insight into easily avoidable mistakes and “what works”.

This enables us now to have a rare overview over many traditional and modern building materials & components which allows us to choose the right combinations for the site and  wishes /budget of the owner/builder.

Frustrated with quality of materials, workmanship & cost for substandard products we revitalized old connections to Europe and established new  partnerships  to be able to deliver on materials and construction details we specify in our designs studio ‘Ecological Design Solutions Pty Ltd’

With our partners overseas we can tap into a wealth of old world craftsmanship combined with

Hi-Tech machinery as well as healthy and sustainable materials Australia can not offer. 



Peter Meline

Town planner &

Private certifier





Peter Meline is a  Private Certifier in SA (reg. No. 53) and also a Certified Practising Planner. He is able to grant Building Rules Consents, provide Town Planning advice and liaise with all Councils regarding development.

Julian bücheler



Site Manager







Ron has many years experience as a consulting engineer.

He ensures that our foundations and structures are properly designed.

Ron Selth

Consulting Engineer


Simon Keller

Work preparation


Simon is a 3rd  generation Swiss trained cabinetmaker, joiner and carpenter  with special interest in interior design.


Peter is a qualified carpenter trained in building construction in Sydney, NSW.

He is a  registered SA Builder and Building compliance certifier.

Peter is a registered member of the Master Builders Association

and also a registered Master Builders Green Living Builder.