Text Box: Maximum Stability with 73mm frame, steel reinforcement and 5 chamber insulation
Thermal insulation value: U 1.4  or R 0.72 standard
Wind Resistance: A multi point locking mechanism with up to 7 cam locks for the (A 3) burglar-proof security level keeps the sash tightly locked into its frame. Wind & Rain resistance: tested and certified for loads of up to    110 N (kgm/s) and short loads (7 sec.) of up to 280 N (kgm/s) This translates to 160km/hr and 233 km/hr wind respectively.
Water Resistance: Tested and certified to show no water intrusion at positive and negative pressure of up to 137 N (kgm/s) .
Available security levels: from A3 (burglar-proof  to B3 for high-risk areas.)
Noise Control Levels from: 
32 dB for standard glazing (4mm glass-16mm argon filled space-4mm low E inner pane)
42 db for A3 security glazing (10mm laminated glass-16mm Argon filled insulation space-4mm pane).   52 db for B12 security glazing (18mm laminated glass-10 mm Argon filled insulation space 4mm pane)

        For window and door configurations, please download the CONFIGURATION CATALOG.

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