Bio Prefabricated Kit Homes

Modern manufacturing techniques and precision machinery has allowed to develop highly innovative prefabricated kit homes.

Individually designed they cater for any taste and floor plan imagined.

Fully or partly finished wall sections built to your specifications will be shipped to the building site. Within a week the house can be built to lockup stage.

Built with natural and renewable materials only and constructed to breath with highly absorbed “phase change” insulation materials  they fulfil all criteria for a biological healthy low allergy house.


We are able to import these houses to your specifications. These are not cheap houses and can

not be compared to local transportable homes.


Thick walls, all natural materials, precision manufacturing and built for generations makes them a

joy to live in.


Big timber sizes used in its internal post & beam frame and proper choice of layers including thick gypsum fibre outside panels reduces bushfire, earthquake and cyclones risks to a higher degree than a conventional stud home can do.


Below are samples of prefabricated  Constructions/details of our suppliers in Germany


Our Sister Company

“Ecological Design Solutions Pty Ltd”

is happy to help you design your dream home!



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