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Tilt & Turn Windows BACK

Tilt & Turn operation explained

Tilt & Turn windows and doors have been the standard in Germany and other European countries for the past 40 years.

T & T windows combine Functionality with Security. All functions are one-handed, one move operated. It's smooth, it's easy and it's safe. The multi-point locking mechanism also keeps the sash/frame from twisting or bending.

Your T & T windows and doors will therefore be kept straight and functional for many years to come. Unlike traditional windows, the turn & tilt hardware allows the window to open completely for a clear exit in an emergency.



Closed Position

A multi point locking mechanism with up to 7 cam locks for the (A 3) burglar-proof security level keeps the sash tightly locked into its frame. Wind & Rain resistance: tested and certified for loads of up to 110 N (kgm/s) and short loads (7 sec.) of up to 280 N (kgm/s) This translates to 160km/hr and 233 km/hr wind respectively.

This is the most cyclone proof window available in Australia today.



Tilt Position

Tilted inwards on top for optimal, draught-free ventilation. This opening position is still secured against intruders, leaving you and your property safely protected. You can leave the windows tilted open even in rain, (tilted approximately 150 mm (5.9") inwards).

For Ventilation: A traditional open window often causes a draught due to the direct path of the outside wind into the room. With a turn & tilt window, the outside air is channelled through the sides of the window, while hotter air escapes through the top. This process allows efficient air circulation without the draught.



Turn Position

Windows turn completely open, left or right. Depending on the position of the window in relationship to the inside wall, they can be opened up to 180 degree, completely against the inside wall.

For Ease of Cleaning: By swinging the window inward into the room, both glass surfaces can be easily and safely cleaned on every floor level.