Every client has the possibility to receive a personal password secured area within our website. This web space  serves several purposes:


1.    Personal communication platform, 24/7 accessible to client & consulting  team.

2. Storage for all relevant data of your project including constant updates of what we have done so far and time left on your prepaid schedule if applicable.

 (All information we have regarding your project is as well as all information you upload for us is accessible  instantly to all parties concerned) 

3.   Supplies a timeline with “what to do & when” list for you, the builder and all subcontractors updatable by all approved parties. 


Your personal web space will remain open for a minimum of 3 month after completion of the project or 1 month  after suspension of  our partnership.


Every active client has E-mail access to our support and advisory service. We aim to give you a preliminary response within 24 hrs.


A chat site for our clients and other interested parties  enabling  networking and peer support will be established in the near future.




All consulting is done by our sister company “Ecological Design Solutions Pty Ltd”

while the sale of any product is handled by Sustainable Building Resources Pty Ltd


EDS offers a free initial consult (up to 1 hour)


EDS charges an hourly fee calculated in 30 min increments.

Our support and advisory service (phone/E-Mail) is charged in 5 min increments.


Travel costs  are charged per km on top of the hourly rate. (by arrangement  for interstate customers)


 Consumables are charged at cost.


Third party fees & charges will be billed directly to you by the third party and their conditions apply.


We will invoice you every 14 days or once  a preset limit has been accumulated in fees and other charges to keep cost transparent.


Fees are payable within 7 days of invoice date unless otherwise agreed.


If you no longer choose to employ our services you can do so at any time but you will be liable for any accumulated fees and charges for the not thus far invoiced period up to the above agreed amount.

If we can no longer offer our services to you before the project has been completed we forfeit any accumulated fees for the not thus far invoiced period.


If you choose to order any  of our products up to 3 hours of the time we spent to establish this sale will be reimbursed and taken of the bill for this order.


Your Order:


We only source top quality materials and products and wish to deliver your order in time and to your satisfaction.


Nevertheless: difficulties are not very likely but must be considered!


Please note:


a) the delivery date in our contracts is not binding but the best estimate including all available information at the time; and


b)      until full payment is received and cleared the products remain in full property of    Sustainable Building Resources Pty Ltd.





Fees and charges for Corporate clients will be negotiated on a  project by project base.


With kind regards 


             Bernward Bücheler / Sustainable Building Resources Pty Ltd


                                                  Current fees & charges