The new generation of insulation:   The GUTEX insulation boards

Manufactured using processes that are environmentally-friendly
Highest ratings and performance values
Easy to work with



40% less energy!
The innovative dry process by which the new generation of boards are produced requires 40% less energy than wet processes.







Less additives!
The single-ply fibreboards require 4% binding agent content (polyurethane resin). Both white glue (3%) for the adhesion of laminated wood layers and latex (5%) to increase strength are not required! 2% paraffin is added to hydrophobized fibreboards.






Biologically harmless!
All GUTEX wood fibreboard insulation boards that are made using the dry process carry the natureplus© seal of quality.

Single-ply construction, up to 200 mm thickness!
GUTEX is the only manufacturer who can provide wood fibreboard insulation in thicknesses up to

200 mm. The boards are single-ply with homogeneous densities throughout their cross sections.

Improved dimensional consistency!
In comparison to wet process production, the new process drastically improves the dimensional uniformity of the boards’ length, width and thickness.



Increased strength with reduced density!

Now, even more vapour permeable!
The new insulation boards are stronger and many feature better thermal conductivity.


With an m-value of 3, the new generation of insulation boards offers even better diffusion of moisture.



Reduced installation time!
No breaking, chipping or loss of plies!
Insulation of up to 200 mm thickness installs in a single step, saving time and money!


Thanks to single-ply construction, separation of one ply from another is not possible, nor can the individual plies chip or break away during and after installation.


GUTEX Thermowall approved for thermal composite system thicknesses up to 160 mm!
GUTEX is the first manufacturer to have its thermal composite system approved for installation over both wood and mineral substrates in up to 160 mm thicknesses by the German building materials and physics testing agency.

Unique “phase change” properties for significantly better insulation against heat in summer than conventional insulation materials.

For over 75 years, the Black Forest family-owned and operated company GUTEX has produced insulating board from wood at its plant in Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany. GUTEX is at the forefront of innovative, environmentally-friendly manufacturing. It is the only manufacturer capable of producing single-ply wood fibreboard insulation in thicknesses up to 240 mm – with all the advantages that come with German quality!