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Brains & Man/Womanpower wanted


Business opportunity:


If you have some understanding of German timber structures and feel as enthusiastic as we about Sustainability and Quality you might want to become part of our team and promote, sell and install (with our help) our products in your local area. We will give you all the support we can.

(Deutsche Schreiner oder Zimmermänner/frauen: hier ist die Gelegenheit zu zeigen wie Qualität aussieht!)


We are trying to encourage better and more efficient ways to build houses all over the world. If you are in the position to give some of your time to help do not hesitate to do so. We need all the brainpower we can get to find local solutions to global problems.


We need:


¨ Creative engineers to calculate thin shell tunnel, dome and free line  structures.

¨ Engineers able to calculate and test structural strength of unusual building materials.

¨ Creative people  willing to try new and forgotten ways in their building project.

¨ Builders willing to try new ways and materials.

¨ Forward thinking owners who want the best and most sustainable house they can afford.



                          If you want to help please contact us.